Concerto al-Quds by Adonis | Friday Pick

  Concerto al-Quds By Adonis Translated by Khaled Mattawa Yale University Press 96 pages When Donald Trump recently and...
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Vladimir Nabokov’s Insomniac Dreams | Friday Pick

Was Nabokov’s dream diary a semi-spiritual, esoteric undertaking, or a kind of literary self-reflection? Both.

George Franklin

Schopenhauer / Knew it too, how we can lose ourselves entirely, become / Something else we don’t understand.

Helen Epstein

Robbie had also been my model of the artist I wished to become. From the start, he had been a kind of ghost, appearing at key moments in my life and then disappearing — for over three decades.

Yuri Kazarnovsky

“Hey, conductor, / how much for two tickets? / Tonight / it’s my poems and I.”

Charlie Clark

One thing about fire, / even the slightest / tongue will seek / another to burn.

Walerian Domanski

Blazej was relieved; thank God there were no anti-government flyers! He looked at the huge banner hung on the front wall of the two-story bus station and tried to read the inscription: “WE WANT TO LIVE BETTER…”

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