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  Update: Poems 2011-2012 By Dennis O'Driscoll Anvil Press Poetry 2014, 64 pp Death never seemed to stray far from the attention of...
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Interview with Painter Delphine Hennelly

Although figuration in painting has come back into fashion, Delphine Hennelly's work stands out by decisively presenting a system of signs and symbols that include the figure, while forgoing the more blatant illustrative function of such elements. 

Thomay Worton

Momi was born such an extraordinary beauty that, upon her delivery, the doctor grappled her tightly in his arms and ran around the clinic, like some ancient tribal wizard, to announce her arrival.

Allison Paster-Torres

Even when you think / you are touching someone / you never truly are

David Moolten

We study things ad absurdum, those with wings / our cousins or so the DNA testifies

Marcela Sulak

I was one of / a hundred other women / bathing in the film

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