R. Riekki

  SONNET 6: I'M A DORK   For Tara   I’m a sugarplum fairy, a blueberry cock, the cop who lets you off, a sugarcane cunt. ...
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Marie Sizun

Silence again. The mother and child don’t look at each other, each lost in her own thoughts. They’re surrounded once again by the warmth of the kitchen, of their familiar world, where everything seems to be in its proper place...

Elizabeth Tannen

The bartender / wears earrings and streams antique songs by David Bowie— / this week, David Bowie has died and we, the bereaved, are relieved / to soak in a sorrow that’s shared ...

Bobby Parker

Christ on a bike. // No one said / this / was going / to be beautiful / but, for some reason, it is...

Ross White

Political speech precludes all forms / of understanding.

Lauren Albin

it’s dark enough for me to forget my body / is that of a woman, a girl, tied with my arms / and legs in one tight bunch above my back. I am  / what I’ve always expected to become --

Laura Hartmark

Sadness is easy / you just sit there / with a blood balloon below your voicebox, rising and falling like like ocean...

Friday Pick Classics: The Figure of a Man Being Swallowed by a Fish By Joshua Weiner

The Figure of a Man Being Swallowed by a Fish shows a range of forms, modes, and concerns. These poems make profundity exciting.

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