Diane Kirsten Martin

  LI'L SWEETIE     Mon pauvre petit choux under the new moon the cabbage worm nibbles your ears Mon petit choux under the...
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Joris-Karl Huysmans

And he probably would have expounded further on his sensual theories, but a cuckoo above the door, noisily chiming the hour, cut him short.

Friday Pick: Delicious Foods by James Hannaham

"Everybody black knows how to react to a tragedy. Just bring out a wheelbarrow full of the Same Old Anger, dump it all over the Usual Frustrations, and water it with Somebody Oughtas"

Ciler Ilhan

My sister has been haunting me in my dreams every night for nine years! What we did was inhuman. Shame on us!

Francesca Bell

Each month comes the reminder / of the gash God made in me. / I like to think He made it / with one finger, the way an artist / will reach right into a painting / and finish it off.

Ivan Srsen

You can’t be sure you’ll do your time without problems, even if you vow before arrival that you’ll obey the guards, stay out of trouble and try your best to repent for your sins. Prison is not that kind of institution.

Amy Key

There’s a diligence to having a body I might not ever master: / my face is always slipping off my face.

Joshua Weiner

Such knowledge / like a body / we grow into, / bodies aging / into bodies / we knew.

Salvador Elizondo

“Photograph a dying man,” said Farabeuf, “and see what happens. But remember, a dying man is a man in the act of dying, and the act of dying is an act that lasts but an instant.”

Sabrina Ratte: The Idealized Vision in Reality

Montréal-based video artist Sabrina Ratté uses a unique combination of analog video synthesizers and mixers, and digital editing software to create surreal and moving future-scapes that confuse the boundary between architectural space, landscape and the imagination.

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