Annie Freud

    ZALUZIANSKYA   All along the road to Sutton Bingham, I kept saying your name – Zaluzianskya, Zaluzianskya – so as not to...
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Edward Ragg

how we might wish to look / and how we would like // to appear, though such / explanation lives outside // the experience of seeing…

Martha Sprackland

I am thinking of you, and the bees are drowning / in the pool. The whole surface is a ballroom, // the tiny pieces move and coruscate and the air / is sticky with humming...

Doireann Ní Ghríofa

through this first rift, flesh-crevice / the lift, the light, the light, the clench and pinch / the cord clamped, cut, the cold, the light, and now / now the swaddle, / now the struggle, / now we begin again...

Emily Berry

I held my arms out, tipped my head back, pictured my protective symbols. / I opened my eyes and saw the sign of the anchor burning. / I had to go.

Miklos Szentkuthy

As one’s arms run around the girl’s waist like crooked, decayed Iron Age scissors in the display cases of museums, one’s legs and back wish to scatter in the world, to dance at one and the same time in a thousand widely separated places.

Angela Topping

Imagine being / Master of the Stool, having to wipe / that gargantuan arse.../ ...Think of that face// glancing towards Tower Green, as Anne / prepared to bare her innocent neck, / then turning away, to go and marry Jane.

Alistair Noon

The old man in the next door flat, / brownshirt, turned Christian Democrat, / then Social. Oh he drank drank drank. / But his bedroom sink always stank...

Ryan Van Winkle

you begin to feel / like a piece of wheat / standing up straight – / like other living things – // a tractor coming towards you / at 500 stalks a second

Rebecca Tamás

the song is blue and huge / it has never touched soil // the song is not saying / please come home / in a way that is so beautiful / it becomes shameless

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