THE POEM: Jacek Gutorow on John Ashbery’s “The One Thing That Can Save America”

          “Not balances that we achieve but balances that happen”             --...
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Gennady Aygi

the mushrooms disappeared. / It happened gradually, / over maybe thirty years. / And now, when I recall / their disappearance, their “departure,” / it seems like one grand movement, / like — the hushing / of one very long orchestra...

Yasmin Belkhyr

Poem for riverbank eulogy, poem for the house on fire, for the empty bedrooms, for the baby teeth, for his scratched out face, for the wheat I pulled to make that scarecrow whole. Poem for boy...

Ashley Mae Hoiland

Dear man, I don’t know how you found the one bridge / that crosses from Stockholm onto our little island, / but thank you. / Thank you.

Vivienne Walshe

What do you people do around here? In this town? Bucket bongs. Donuts down the back paddock. But they mean well.

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