Daniel Roy Connelly

  MEMO: RE. TITUS ANDRONICUS, 5.2. 186-191     Our discussions regarding the proper disposal of body parts being now concluded I...
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Vasilij Golovanov

Knives … I wasn’t prepared for that. To be perfectly frank, I’m scared. My romantic notions of this trip have proven illusory: there is nothing less romantic than the Far North today.

Re: Word: Siwar Masannat

Ishmael is too two men sometimes. His / Mother’s name in Arabic goes for immigrated // Masculine. She was not masculine, to remember her / Truly...

Nick Lantz

again, I can show you again, / an altar, an icon, the god with an indeterminate number — / an egg, the surface broken, tectonic plates, fragments — / an open palm full of flame, flame —

Diane Seuss

I used to be a woman who cried / over the useless bastards. / Boo-hoo, I said, filling my hanky...

THE STORY: Natalia Fernandez on Roddy Doyle’s “Bullfighting.”

I’d always disliked family life. Even as a kid, I felt that the most pleasant moments had an air of melancholy. And then the rest, the rest was just dreadful.

Re: Word: Ocean Vuong

a coin of light appears / & you get to look in, for once, // on happiness. The eye / staring back from the other side—

Elizabeth Tannen

Flying into Denver was the worst.

Aileen Bassis

he gets up with a belch, / a scratch, walks to the fire, // pulls out his cock and pisses / over all. The smoke is foul. He farts. // One whistle, a dog groans and curls tight / beneath the table. Death...

Bogdan Suceava

Rest your head on our pink pillow and let’s forget about Mendeleyev Street, where they dump the garbage in the road and the pestilential stench poisons the summer sky, and the plaster angels fruitlessly flap their wings, fastened to this earth, whence they are wholly unable to rise.

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