Arthur Eloesser

  CITIES AND CITY PEOPLE   (an excerpt)     Cities and City People: Berlin, 1919 Essays by Arthur Eloesser ...
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Richard Quigley

Trust was a blood sport. / Hunger, heretical. / .... / At my kindest, I am / Always to blame.

Lesle Lewis

The body is a problem, maybe a good one, but still a problem.

Hanne Orstavik

I used to pretend the song had no end, like a bubble, a perfect sphere, and so long as I was inside it, I was safe.

Jacek Gutorow

So many poems. / So many nice poems. / More and more / and still getting stronger.

Rachel Morgan

Hold everything with an open palm: the spoon / to stir sugar in morning coffee, the morning, / especially work that follows morning.

Nick Lantz

It takes all four maps on the wall to contain / Her Majesty’s Realm, its warren of colonies. / The students, forty stuffed rabbits, sit / at eternal attention, bent over tiny slates, / studious as only the dead can be.

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