Matt Shane’s Mental Landscapes

  MATT SHANE's practice is split between painting, drawing and installation, while firmly embedded in the realm of landscape. His pictorial...
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Emily Bludworth de Barrios

When one / feels low or envious there is the sound of the number zero.

Patricia Esteban Erles

Without anyone taking note, I killed all of the girls at school with the same name as me. I couldn’t bear so many. I did it for their own good, so that the nuns wouldn’t go crazy shouting our names through the halls, so that we didn’t mix ourselves up and become one another without our realizing it.

Friday Pick: Remembering Russell Edson

"Russell Edson gave me a window through which I can watch apes, angels, sheep, old men, dogs, grass and children interacting on the same weird level."

Natalie Belz remembers the late, great Russell Edson, who died last week at the age of 79. Edson was known as a master of the prose poem.

Dara Wier

Let's just say you have a choice. / You have a choice whether to be born or not to be born? / Who wouldn't say, all right, then, I'll be born.

Catherine Pond

More than once I found him bleeding uncontrollably. / Bleeding in his bed, bleeding against the walls.

Friday Pick: Carol Frost

With crystalline precision, sharp passion, and a sure-footed wherewithal of the frontier of language's dominion over nature, Frost crafts a skilled, significant poetry of surprise and delight.

THE STORY: Siegfried Mortkowitz on Leonard Michaels’ “City Boy”

“City Boy”, one of the best American short stories to come out of the fertile 1960s. Though not much “happens” in the course of its nine pages, its brilliant, pyrotechnic style and the conflicted, extravagantly intellectual musings of its protagonist (and the author’s early fictional alter ego), Phillip Liebowitz, lend the story the force of a meteor crashing into a lake.

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