Ondrej Stefanik

  TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF FOR SOMEONE ELSE   I can’t sleep. Every night I count until I fall asleep. Today I read online that...
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Friday Pick: The Median Flow By Theodore Enslin

The concept of words-as-notes, as well as the idea that the poem on the page bears more than a visual resemblance to a musical composition, is the lithe foundation on which Enslin based his writing.

THE POEM: Sarah Gerkensmeyer on Louise Glück’s The Drowned Children

Louise Glück’s “The Drowned Children” is the poem that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The speaker numbly describes the deaths of a group of children. The details are bare. The number of children is unknown.

Jessie Jones

Each stunted milestone / like being taught in Russian when I / was clearly a banana.

Andrew McCallum Crawford

‘There’s nothing like solidarity between the working men,’ I said.

Bruno threw his cards down. ‘You’re a fucking comedian,’ he said.

I took a sip of beer. ‘How do you mean?’ I said.

Friday Pick: A Poet’s Mind

Whether he is bringing Schoenberg's 12-tone system into a discussion of rhyme and meter, or using principles of Renaissance art to describe poetic craft, Duncan doesn't so much use metaphors as point to the common fabric of all artistic endeavors. In this way he was a Romantic, insisting on the primacy of the imagination to shape not only our view of the world, but the very world itself.

D. Gilson

Ahoj, HIV negative? My lady wife do not mind...

Alvaro Bisama

With that dark sky hanging over the port, I couldn’t help but think how those ashes floating in the air were like the ashes from concentration camp ovens or the flecks of human skin an atomic bomb leaves behind. We were devastated. Even before she opened that newspaper, we were done for.

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