Stevie Edwards

    DEAR JOHN,   We are marching in Washington against War in Iraq and you are the bravery I want to be. It is fall and...
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Yuri Mamleyev

Walking past a pole, out of the blue he punched a solitary lad wandering nearby right in the jaw. Though the blow was hard and the lad sprawled into a ditch, it was delivered with such inward indifference, Sonnov might as well have been poking the emptiness, except that a physical shudder passed through his bulky body.

Friday Pick: When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood

Schönthaler has managed to create an intriguing, dramatic story out of a single character who exists almost only in name. When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood is a minimalist narrative of physical and spiritual exertion that dramatizes the divestment of the individual who pursues his single-minded goals at the cost of all else.

Wang Ping

Define pain: a lonely ghost / A thousand cuts into the heart / A beast chews off the limb to get off the trap

Elizabeth Arnold

Thus can a bird like that / be so ignored // by all it will devour.

Sonya Lea

Still, she knew she would get on the bus. Like Innana, the goddess of sex and war, the goddess who had been turned into a corpse by her dark sister in the Underworld, the goddess who had been hung out to dry like meat, Rachel had no way to get off the hook.

Friday Pick: The Letters of Robert Creeley

By placing Creeley's ideas in the context of his life, and in the context of the letters in which they were composed, this collection expands our understanding of the sharp subtlety of Creeley's thought.

Re: Word: Valery Ronshin

“Not exactly,” the president answered. “The thing is, here in Africa everyone's black. So at the Center they'll take off your white hides and pull on black ones.” “Oh, how wonderful!” Masha the stewardess was delighted. “That means I'm going to be black!”

Dorothea Lasky

I am Eddie Murphy / I am snorting cocaine off of tanned Italian backsides / While ten young men / Suck my gigantic dick / For two hundred hours

Tadeusz Dąbrowski

Those who have spent / all their money go trailing about for days / on end and die of exhaustion. Discreet / services collect the bodies before anyone has time / to notice them. How do I know about this? I don’t.

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