Vishnu Swaroop

  WORDTALK   A young boy is unable to find the words to say 'All landscapes are made of sadness' Having picked up scattered...
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Friday Pick: Maxine Kumin, An Appreciation

We are saddened by the death of former Poet Laureate Maxine Kumin (1925—2014), one of the finest poets of her generation, and a pioneering American voice.

Anthony Madrid & Christopher Crawford Read Together Online

Watch B O D Y editor, Christopher Crawford read live with Anthony Madrid on Transatlantic Poetry.

Claire Wahmanholm

The root of bless / is blood

Holly Painter

Tinkle is meant to refer to a light / ringing sound, like that of a tiny bell. / But to me, it’s just another polite / way of saying urinate

Robert Perisic

“Have I told you the story about the guy who butchered hogs?” “Which guy?” “The one who was in the Foreign Legion. Have I told you that one?”

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