Re: Word: Petr Borkovec

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Bradley Paul

Something about this room is off. / The timbre of its air. / The flavor of its existence.

M. Henderson Ellis

  KEEPING BEDLAM AT BAY IN THE PRAGUE CAFÉ (an excerpt) Not long ago, John Shirting--quiet young Chicagoan, wizard of self-medication--held down a beloved...

Jana Kotaishova

There were eight of us children, and father and mother. We were a big family. A shepherd also worked for us, and women came from the neighborhood daily, two or three of them as necessary, to help mother with the milking. We had a lot of cows.

Gabor Schein

For this was always the dream of the founding fathers, who had imagined the country as a military base from the start, and it was also the dream of those who believed in the existence of the truly nonexistent country, in their Olympic victories, in their paper cars, in their astronaut’s wave.

Erje Ayden 1936 – 2013

"Men die not because they are sick but because they are alive." - Lewis Lapham.

Friday Pick: Louis C.K., The Emersonian

Some have begun to question whether comedians like Louis C.K. loom larger than writers as the antennae of the race. What hasn’t been said is that C.K.’s litany against smartphones is essentially Emersonian.

Re: Word: Gary Frances

It's hard to stand up / for women in the company of men. // They're such inconsequential beings...

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Pull crow and quibble / while the bird feels each feather plucked. / Eat crow when you step wrong again, / try to swallow dry meat from the dark bird’s bones...

Iosi Havilio

Paradises might be a reimagining of Camus’ Outsider – but in female form and living in 21st-century Buenos Aires. Is this life in the shadows, an underworld of cut-price Christmases, drugs and dealers, or is this simply life? And why do snakes seem to be invading every aspect of it?

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