Ivan Dodovski

ARTIST OF THE REVOLUTION   Me, poor me, I know his story best of all. From the moment he first took me between his fingers to my fateful...
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Friday Pick: The Figure Of A Man Being Swallowed By A Fish

Weiner is a poet justifiably lauded, as his poetry performs sensitive and skilful feats of language while refusing to flinch from tragedy in any political or emotional climate. These poems make profundity exciting.

Re: Word: Joshua Weiner

I was at Disney World, by myself. I had been there a long time. Surrounded, but without companion. The rides did not look fun.

Letisia Cruz

It was late—we were always late. / So I stood at that corner by the window // and watched you and your arms / hanging like filthy curtains in a motel

Ryan Van Winkle

a bird flew / into our bedroom window // like a heavy book / dropped in the dark // part of a library. Not a crack / appeared in your eyes but this // lingers in me like that dream / when we were in bed and you // spoke with Her mouth / at my shivering dick...


A story by satirical Russian writer Teffi, who at one time was the country's most famous female author.

Friday Pick: Annus Mirabilis

Lift your reading glasses for a toast: Last night we celebrated the first birthday of B O D Y with a listening party in the heart of Prague.

Re: Word: Natashia Deon

I am dead. I died a nigga a long time ago. Before you were born, before your mother was born, ‘fore your grandmother. I was seventeen. Still am I reckon. And everyone that was there that night is dead now too so it don't matter that I was a nigga. Or a slave.

James Pate

At this point in my life, I always had another pair of clothes in my briefcase. I heard the whispers. They came in pairs, like hands in the breeze. In an alley in St. Louis. On a street in Baltimore....

Milan Dezinsky

This moment is only a delay: / tomatoes, / waiting blankly at the executioner’s block, / on the verge of exploding and sourly burning / the impression of morning, scorching the light, / burning the face. / Victorious tomatoes.

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