David Brennan

  HOW ARE YOU? been to any rocking festivals lately? played any lead guitar in your cult-favorite side project supergroup? played...
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Bruce Bond

those you loved rose and fell. / You could say, time to take grief for a walk, / to break down in the starless park a little, / as words break, or clarity as it forsakes / the sword of language that labors to be clear...

Andrei Ruse

Come what may, Georgie has just realized that he’s a man. A man who can face anything. A man to whom God has sent the sign for which he had prayed for so many years and asked so many questions ...

Friday Pick: Sonne from Ort by Uljana Wolf & Christian Hawkey

"It’s so rare to find a work of conceptual poetry that is also so satisfying to read, not just to talk about ..." Joshua Weiner reviews Sonne from Ort, an erasure project conducted by U.S. poet, Christian Hawkey (b. 1969) and German poet, Uljana Wolf (b. 1979), published this month by Kookbooks.

Iris Dorbian

Two years ago, after suffering a string of losses, the most devastating of which was the death of my beloved father, I enrolled in a memoir-writing class. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about but I was still hurting from grief and hoped the experience would be cathartic and healing. Cue, reality ...

Eugenio Montale

All the stuffing of the body is released—softly—/ and reappears,/ stifled and distant: it consumes itself./ Not so much heard, as breathed.

Russell Brakefield

The wind that fills this city strips the edges/ of the swaying stoplights,/ tears the paint and stone from statues,/ puddles progress in the gutters,// in a stew of burnt color.

Sandor Jaszberenyi: THE BLAKE PRECEPT

  THE BLAKE PRECEPT   I was in Abeche, Chad. I was supposed to fly to 'Djamena, but two days before my departure the Habub descended. It came savagely...

Friday Pick: Two Young British Poets

Debut collections and Friday Picks: Kirsten Irving's "Never Never Never Come Back" and Emily Berry's "Dear Boy" are recommended reading.

Andrew Cox

Clapping comes at the end but it is not because / We were happy about what we just heard...

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