Christina Masciotti

Say What You Need To - An Interview with Christina Masciotti by Meghan Falvey   Christina Masciotti’s work has been produced for the past...
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Friday Pick: Aidan Semmens’ The Book of Issac

Semmens interacts with the impressive intellect and accomplishments of his great grandfather in a way that extends his legacy rather than simply paying homage to it. It is the book of Issac. It is Aidan Semmens’ book.

Alistair Noon

We tracked down the Gods / to their offices by the sea, / behind their unclimbable walls. / So far they’ve refused all our calls.

Aidan Semmens

in the necropolis/ countless small artefacts/ of undetermined age & use:/ the broken steering-column/ of a 1968 Ford/ a double-edged knife/ intricately worked blade/ cut & shut

Oli Hazzard

Marge, let’s send a sadness telegram. / I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori. / No trace, not one carton...

Friday Pick: D.A. Powell’s Useless Landscape

Powell delights in double entendre, and emotes a paradoxically subtle campness. His voice often flits between in-the-know audacity and spiritual earnestness.

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