Alexander Booth

  L'IMBRUNIRE Summer slows down at September’s edge The city silent & in the sloe scapular of...
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Kerry Shawn Keys

I am dead. It’s snowing. I have been running in the darkness for too long.

Friday Pick: The Jazz Standards

What sets The Jazz Standards apart is Gioia's approach to these songs, which balances textbook formality, and familiarity developed, one gathers, over the decades the author has spent listening to and studying these songs. This is a book that both promotes and exemplifies a personal relationship with jazz.

Piotr Gwiazda

They are prone to envy and indignation, but their most genuine emotions are fear and shame.

Vanessa Hua

The first time the Chairman swam across Long River, a decade ago, he proclaimed it was big, but not frightening – like many challenges our country faced.

Alison Brackenbury

I miss those fires. I miss the time / the coal sank to a pure red cave, / flickering, falling. Knees half-burnt, / my back was Arctic.

The Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble

"The way to rise above the terminologies of the suffering of the physical realm is to totally and holistically embrace it."

Grimly Handsome A new play about crime, desire, and medium-sized animals. Written & Directed by Julia Jarcho performed by Jenny Seastone Stern, Pete Simpson, and Ben Williams

Texts for Julia Jarcho’s Grimly Handsome

GRIMLY HANDSOME is a new play about killers, police detectives, and animals that will premiere in January 2013 in the Other Forces festival at Incubator in New York.

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