Friday Pick: The Best British Poetry 2012

The Best British Poetry 2012 Ed. Sasha Dugdale Series Ed. Roddy Lumsden Salt Publishing 164 pages I like to think of literary journals and...
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Dolly Lemke

Thank you, boss, I really needed a Tiffany’s key chain // I definitely get the passion, Boss says / It’s like golf / Poetry = golf // Vomit...

Richard Jackson

I should have begun with that warning sound, / I should have begun when the sun crossed the town of Houla, / Syria, brushing the bodies of the massacred children. They look / like carefully wrapped cocoons. // Here, time slips down / the side of a building as if it were only a shadow.

TONIGHT | B O D Y | Blast and Christmas Reading

B O D Y is excited to announce our Christmas Blast and Reading in Žižkov's legendary Bukowski's Bar. Our guest readers are...

Friday Pick: Roberto Bolaño’s Antwerp

Though not a masterwork of fiction along the lines of Bolaño's later novels, Antwerp has a purity of expression and ambition that perhaps only an “unpublishable” novel can maintain.

Douglas Penick

THE FLOWER GATE is a performance piece based on conventions of the Noh theater of Japan. Noh, which means 'perfected art' was developed from the work of the great theater genius, Zeami (1363-1443), and is one of the very oldest continuous performing traditions still intact.

Miriam Gamble

Where – aimlessly – did a guy like this / get hold of a thing like that, the mercenary wonders, though. / (A lovely piece: true vintage, if it’s a day.)...

Friday Pick: The Plays Of Václav Havel

This is drama for the head and the gut; for thought and for laughter. Havel's plays are comedic tragedies with a touch of polyester vaudeville.

Tiago Patríco

Those yellow-foot seagulls above Lisbon/ choose the most favourable flight path/ to respond to the tides’ movements/ and to over-swim the spaces filled/ with the liturgical echoes of labour

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