Hana Andronikova

  THE SOUND OF THE SUNDIAL     The Sound of the Sundial A novel by Hana Andronikova Edited and Adapted by Rachel Miranda...
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Bistra Choleva-Laleva

It’s strange, the place we call home—is it where we grew up or where we live at the moment?

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Diana Petrova

This guy was probably making at least five times as much money as me. And yet, he was acting like a wimp. I think that was the moment I decided that this was a client worth keeping.


Re: Word: Cristina Peri Rossi

Such was life. A frenzy, some saint or poet had said: with two whiskeys of even the worst make, any poet was a saint, or vice versa. She didn’t seem too disconcerted. Not all men start from the same place, although they always end up in the same position.

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Re: Word: Anna Akhmatova

As for memories, they have three parts— / the first is only yesterday / when laughter is still heard, but our cheeks / are wet— this part doesn’t last long. / ....

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