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Ales Steger

  ABSOLUTION   (an excerpt)   Absolution A novel by Aleš Šteger Translated from the Slovene by Urška Charney and Noah...
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Tea Tulic

When Dad bought us a VCR, my brother and I watched horror movies every afternoon. At night I used to cover my neck with the sheet. Kept the wardrobe shut. Took care of the monsters under the bed. Howled at the full moon. Drank water with garlic.

faruk-sehic copy

Faruk Sehic

It seemed to be the first time in my life that there was an advantage in having a scar on my face. If it attracted demented, neurotic women and half-mad men, was I one of them too, marked with a shadow of disfigurement – a freakish, dark aureole above my head? The answer was affirmative. This kind of magnetism isn’t exactly a blessing. But the scar became my ticket to the show.


Aleksandar Prokopiev

He clasped his hands and prayed to the Lord to preserve him from the monster with red-hot jaws and its minions, to deliver him from torment and dismemberment. And as he was begging and pleading like this, Dimitar said, he was blinded by a mighty flash and suddenly found himself in a ditch by the road, all scratched, terrified and shaking, near his poor donkey.


Ciler Ilhan

My sister has been haunting me in my dreams every night for nine years! What we did was inhuman. Shame on us!


Aleksandar Gatalica

Now it was time for the representative of the British crown to kill him a third time. Without speaking a word, Rayner took out the Webley .455 and fired one shot into Rasputin’s head.

bajac1 nagrada balkanika

Vladislav Bajac

During his reign, violent death had been a normal, everyday phenomenon; the nuances were just in the type or degree of the morbidity and brutality. The Empire had required violence at all times and in all forms.

perisic brookyin most

Robert Perisic

All courses start in the fall, when a man has to start something, turn things around, survive. It’s always great in the beginning, but there’s a point with people like him, people who never make a second payment for their German, karate, creative writing, yoga…


Cecilia Stefanescu

He took a step inside. There, with the dark swallowing half of his body, the air no longer seemed so unbearable. He took another step. The dark clung to his face. He should go on, he thought, emboldening himself; he should take another step. So he took another.


Friday Pick: Seven Terrors

To some people the word horror simply denotes a genre, whether an ancient one containing ghosts and demons or a modern one of slashers and sleepover parties gone terribly wrong. To others– people from places like Rwanda, Cambodia and Sarajevo among many other parts of the world – horror probably doesn’t immediately prompt thoughts of fanciful, made-up stories meant to be enjoyed and occasionally even laughed at.

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