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  The Temple She Became By Rachel Custer Five Oaks Press 2017, 86 pp I first became interested in Rachel Custer’s poetry last...
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D. Eric Parkison

I fled the devil / Where he stood / Among the turning crows / Over the tired field.

Elizabeth Knapp

In this life, I should have been most happy. Nary a care in the world, save for the constant pressure of having to marry the need for a mate with a tune.

Allison Paster-Torres

Even when you think / you are touching someone / you never truly are

Joshua Weiner

Black shadow hangs over the dust of my beloved; / So I turned myself into dust, but the shadow left me behind.

D.E. St. John

During my father’s sermons, I would read / about my namesake and the men he killed.

Rachel Custer

There is one church for the people who admit they are good / and one church for the people who don’t.

Naomi Huan

your father loves us / too much / for flowers / she said

F. Daniel Rzicznek

He chooses so late // and I fail to swerve—

Deborah Allbritain

Sometimes I dream of that boy on his deathbed, calling for water, // a cold cloth, just before he dies, the atoms of him beginning to collapse

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