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R. Riekki

  SONNET 6: I’M A DORK   For Tara   I’m a sugarplum fairy, a blueberry cock, the cop who lets you off, a sugarcane cunt. I’m a belly- flop, a Corina Copp, a missing mistress with a corridor toy. […]

Elizabeth Tannen

  BEHOLD: THE INEXORABLE PROBLEMA OF MODERN LOVE   contained tonight in the space between two strange thirty-somethings at a sushi bar. Outside, frozen crystals encase the cars and January sighs. The strangers make eyes. The bartender wears earrings and […]

Josef Jedlicka

  MIDWAY UPON THE JOURNEY OF OUR LIFE   (an excerpt)   Midway Upon the Journey of Our Life A novel by Josef Jedlička Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker Published by Karolinum Press     AT NINE THE […]

Gerard Coletta

  THE ASTRONAUTS   The doctors at last made us love sleep. Awake, I can only stagger, polioed, a foal. My console glitters with text, with faces that don’t seem to be aging anymore. There must have been a birthday […]

Daniel Riddle Rodriguez

  HOW TO MAKE LEMONADE   Your grandma is on her deathbed now. She made it a long time ago. Which is to say it was made for her. Which really means she doesn’t want it but she’s gotta lie […]

Friday Pick: Transit, by Anna Seghers

  Transit, by Anna Seghers Translated from German by Margot Bettauer Dembo New York Review of Books (2013) 257 pages   At the end of November, Slate ran an essay by Joshua Keating on the 1942 film, Casablanca (‘Lessons for […]

Marie Stastna

  AGAIN IN SUMMER   I will love again in summer once foxes with bound feet don’t have fur covered in frost or frozen noses I will love neither wildly nor tamely a long lukewarm love drowned in milk Late […]

Magdalena Platzova

  IVA   She was pathetic. I was so much more sophisticated. I couldn’t help sneering at her. I said: “My God, to be with that woman is like keeping an eye on a bag full of rabbits while every […]

Jan Balaban

  CEDAR AND HAMMER   “Who’s going for a smoke?” a nurse called down the corridor of the psychiatric ward. Of all the patients aimlessly wandering the limited space of the closed ward after dinner, only two men responded. Doctor […]

Francesca Bell

  I, TOO   Chilly times,             all of us hunched                         before flickering half-lives                   […]

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