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Talking Silence: Caitriona O’Reilly’s Geis | Friday Pick

  Geis By Caitríona O’Reilly Bloodaxe Books 2015, 64 pp Caitríona O’Reilly’s intriguingly obscure poems offer peeks into the unspoken and wilfully ignored aspects of being. With an eye for the comically unhinged features of reality and an ear for […]

Jamie Osborn

  SNAKE-STONING             for G.H.   Gathered, with music as if for a party, we strained, watching, until every green was mamba, coiled in the branches. – Jakob brought his slingshot; still it took hours. […]

Daniil Kharms

  IVAN YAKOVLIVICH ANTONOV’S CAREER   This thing had happened still before the revolution. One merchant woman yawned, and a cuckoo bird flew into her mouth. The merchant came running to the alarmed calls of his spouse and, immediately realizing […]

Daniil Kharms

  FOUR ILLUSTRATIONS OF HOW A NEW CONCEPT ASTOUNDS A PERSON WHO ISN’T READY FOR IT   WRITER: I am a writer! READER: Аnd I think you’re a piece of shit! (The writer stands there several minutes, stunned by this […]

Geoff Anderson

  THE DISCOVERY   the morning                                                                  tv upstairs […]

Joshua Weiner: Berlin Alexanderplatz, April 2016

  The following essay is an excerpt from Joshua Weiner’s Berlin Notebook (available on Amazon) out now from the Los Angeles Review of Books _______________________________________________________________________   The best time to catch a bus is about 10 minutes before it departs. A […]

Mirka Szychowiak

  LITTLE ANGEL   It’s strange when somebody calls you ‘their little Angel’ as you lie on two armchairs put together because when they brought you here late at night, there were no beds available. You could sleep and sleep, […]

Friday Pick: Zinovy Zinik’s Beast of Artek

  Sounds Familiar or The Beast of Artek (A Gothic Novel) By Zinovy Zinik Divus 245 pages Zinovy Zinik’s Sounds Familiar or The Beast of Artek (A Gothic Novel) starts like a typical boy-meets-girl story. But the characters don’t quite […]

R. Riekki

  SONNET 6: I’M A DORK   For Tara   I’m a sugarplum fairy, a blueberry cock, the cop who lets you off, a sugarcane cunt. I’m a belly- flop, a Corina Copp, a missing mistress with a corridor toy. […]

Elizabeth Tannen

  BEHOLD: THE INEXORABLE PROBLEMA OF MODERN LOVE   contained tonight in the space between two strange thirty-somethings at a sushi bar. Outside, frozen crystals encase the cars and January sighs. The strangers make eyes. The bartender wears earrings and […]

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