Emily Berry reading with Joshua Weiner

  Watch Joshua Weiner and Emily Berry read and answer questions during a live-streamed online Transatlantic Poetry reading hosted by B O D Y...
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Jessica Mensch

Jessica Mensch: Painting at the Intersection of Video Art and Performance Art

Jessica Mensch, B O D Y’s Art Editor, is known for her penetrating interviews with other artists. We decided to turn the tables and ask her about her own work this time. Tammer El-Sheikh caught up with Jessica to ask about her process, how she approaches art - and find out what THE FUZZ is all about.

Emily Pelstring

A Conversation with Artist & Animator Emily Pelstring

This week, B O D Y sat down with experimental video artist and animator Emily Pelstring to take a look at some of her recent work and talk about her process and what it means to be fueled by a post-modern, punk ethos. Our in-depth interview with this exciting artist includes five - yes, five! - full videos of her work.


The Misfit Wonders of Painter Mitchell Wiebe: Slideshow & Interview

B O D Y: What’s the kind of painting that you hate?

MITCHELL WIEBE: Painting that insults your intelligence, that looks like its trying to be something it’s not.

B O D Y: Have you ever made any of those?

MITCHELL WIEBE: Yeah, all the time.

Lindsey Holland

Poetry Reading: Lindsey Holland

Lindsey Holland reading her poem "It Comes To Blood," at Napa Bar in Prague, 26 August, 2012.

Annie Brechin

Poetry Reading: Annie Brechin

Annie Brechin reading her poem, "Choices", at Napa Bar & Gallery in Prague, 26 August, 2012.

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson’s Photo Poems

Breath fills the decayed tree. The sky is still / a syllable. Light lives inside those wings. We have / no word to describe the insects’ tremors beneath / the bark, or to measure the currents between here / and the next tree. What do we know?


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