Bohuslav Reynek

Bohuslav Reynek

  A FOOL   In my village, I’m the fool. Sad dogs know me – sad white school of sleepy dogs that drift away into the distance....
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Olga Stehlikova

Olga Stehlikova

It could’ve easily been a scrotum, / but most likely it was someone’s wallet.

Kamil Bouška

Kamil Bouska

You're coming and my fever rises. I've tasted this before. / I'll leap into the wafted air and go for blood.


Vitezslav Nezval

On the beds/ Of a lantern-lit hospital/ A doctor/ Playing the flute/ Revives/ Dead tubercular women

Marie Šťastná

Marie Stastna

I will love neither wildly / nor tamely / a long lukewarm love

Jonáš Hájek

Jonas Hajek

A hooker / gives me the come on. Whether I really // don’t want anything. I don’t, even if / I think about it afterwards.

Tereza Riedlbauchova

the ceaseless forgetting and reminiscing about pleasure / maybe two swans on the Seine / maybe one

Petr Hruška

Petr Hruska

I had never seen / such a narrow room / when we wanted to turn around / we had to embrace

Ondřej Buddeus

Ondrej Buddeus

Post-war literature is pre-war literature. / In front of doors is behind doors. / In my eyes I’m in your eyes, but how do you see it?

Jiří Kolář

Jiri Kolar

Sit down at the table / and clear your mind / Take a pen / and write your beloved’s first name / across a whole sheet of blank paper

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