Delphine Hennelly

Interview with Painter Delphine Hennelly

  I FIRST SAW DELPHINE HENNELLY'S WORK in person several month's ago at her MFA thesis at Rutger's University art gallery. Although...
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An Interview with Painter Daniel Barkley

Barkley's work repositions the figure, as seen in Roman and Christian mythology, somewhere between current conceptions of figuration in painting and photography, and a more personal and oftentimes autobiographical context.


Sabrina Ratte: The Idealized Vision in Reality

Montréal-based video artist Sabrina Ratté uses a unique combination of analog video synthesizers and mixers, and digital editing software to create surreal and moving future-scapes that confuse the boundary between architectural space, landscape and the imagination.

Jacob Ciocci (left) and David Wightman of Extreme Animals

The Anals Of Extreme Animals: An Interview With Jacob Ciocci And David Wightman

Graeme Langdon interviews Extreme Animals, the long-running multimedia and performance project of artist-musicians Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman.

Edward Shenk

Don’t Fall Asleep: An Interview With Edward Shenk

"I don't think parody is necessarily disrespectful. Nor imitation a sign of respect. I don't like that binary--it’s too easy. " -- Edward Shenk

Photo: Jayson Keeling

Matt Shane’s Mental Landscapes

"I think mental transportation is the root appeal with landscapes. It's similar to going to the movies, playing a video game or reading a novel in that it’s an immersion into a fictional world. But with landscapes, the central character is a place."

Walter Scott

Interview With Walter Scott, Creator Of The “Wendy” Comics

Interview With Walter Scott, Creator Of The "Wendy" Comics, an ongoing “adventure about a young woman living in an urban centre, whose dreams of contemporary art stardom are perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music, drugs, alcohol, parties, and boys.”

Electric Ribbon costumes designed by Jeannine Han and Dan Riley

Designing The Body Electric: An Interview With Jeannine Han

Jeannine Han is a New York based designer and artist. Her work with collaborator Dan Riley uses immersive multimedia installations and performances to explore the relationship between pattern, tradition, performance, sound and technology. We caught up with Jeannine in her Queens, NY, studio to discuss the making of Electric Ribbon, their latest project.

He Gong, "One Day All of Us Eat Cordyceps" (120x150cm), 2013: Acrylic on Canvas

Stepping Outside Post-Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese Painting

The Cultural Revolution officially ended in 1976. Yet over thirty years later the shadow of this so-called Cultural Revolution has not disappeared. Among Chinese artists, at least, it has become ever deeper. The difference is that this shadow was once clearly identified as a catastrophe, a disaster, whereas now it has become a seduction that alluringly fills the air.

Photo by Francesca Tallone

“What’s All The Fuss About?” An Interview With Yannick Desranleau And Chloe Lum Of Seripop

B O D Y art editor Jessica Mensch interviews Montréal artists Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum of Seripop

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