Mirjana Novakovic

    FEAR AND HIS SERVANT   Fear and his Servant A novel by Mirjana Novaković Translated from the Serbian by Terence...
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Bohuslav Reynek

Justin Quinn: Bohuslav Reynek’s Journeys

By remembering how many foreign debts anglophone poetry has accrued over the centuries of its existence ... we are reminded that a poet like Reynek, who seems to emerge from a faraway country of which we know little, is part of the same tradition ... This is lyric poetry of a type in which the poet uses certain patterns of rhyme and pacing that many previous generations have. It is a way of finding likenesses in both words and the world, or sometimes impressing phonic likenesses on disparate experiences, and savoring the phases of that difference.

Elizabeth Knapp

Elizabeth Knapp

In this life, I should have been most happy. Nary a care in the world, save for the constant pressure of having to marry the need for a mate with a tune.

Karen in Paris, Peret

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

In a waiting room, Kafka picks up a women’s magazine and reads what women are doing for fun.

JR Walsh

JR Walsh

My father left for work. / My sister wanted to know why. / So I said, To get away from you.

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Nic Adams

I used to think / That although I was poor / And hungry / And hadn't slept in years / That at least I had my body.


Aleksei Lukyanov

When I was getting to Trefilov’s place, I felt a new wave of fear come over me. Maybe, like deep inside I was already feeling how it would all turn out, but – to just cut the shit for a second – I wasn’t afraid of the consequences, but that Sergei Igorich really would turn out to be a homo...

ken bodymagazine

Ken Nash

We’re not bad on our own, only as a couple. At least that’s what we tell ourselves, though it’s hard to remember a time before we were a couple. There is a certain comfort knowing our ugliness is mutual, a thing we bring out in each other, not something innate in our personal temperaments.


Marina Tsvetaeva

Time to get to the point. You’re happy? / Like being in a bottomless pit? / Darling, is your life harder now / than mine is with another man?


Mark Terrill

360-degree Hieronymus-Bosch-panoramas of / Altamont Speedway at night lodged in the memory / worth more than a drawer full of rotten apples.

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