David. E. St. John

D.E. St. John

  BELOVED   During my father’s sermons, I would read about my namesake and the men he killed. My favorite was the story of the...
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Colette Nys-Mazure

Colette Nys-Mazure

One must not leave a woman alone in the garden.


Korana Serdarevic

He’s convinced that she secretly feeds on that sorrow, that she dips her fingers in it just like a child dips their fingers in a marmalade, after which she appears in front of him with her face twisted, disgusted with herself.

Ronald Donn

Ronald Donn

I hold her hand like a telephone. / She tells a joke she’s never heard.


Spomenka Stimec

The army wanted my brother to report the next day at nine o’clock. The draft card covered up the ladies with their long skirts at the evening cabaret. France cabarets its nights away. I was born here, where a different program is in store.

Rachel Custer

Rachel Custer

There is one church for the people who admit they are good / and one church for the people who don’t.

Photo by James Howard

James Hopkin

“Crushed by fear and foreboding on one hand, and, on the other, by an SSRI-induced compulsion to acquire, your alphabet has gone numb, your words have resigned, not a trace of rebellion remains about your phrases.”


Norman Finkelstein

No, we will not speak of it. Not / at present.

Jonáš Hájek

Jonas Hajek

I don’t know how and why I should even tell you, / since time has only heightened our estrangement, / that you’ve made me a man.

Naomi Huan

Naomi Huan

your father loves us / too much / for flowers / she said

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