Pushcart Prize

B O D Y 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

  B O D Y is delighted to announce our 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations. Although making our final selection required some hard choices, it was...
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Peter Jay Shippy

Peter Jay Shippy

...in a pleather booth with the reddest ribs, / the friskiest whiskey, and our universal baby // monitor, punching its buttons and bending / antennae until we hear “Green Onions” ...

Gary Frances3

Gary Frances

It's hard to stand up / for women in the company of men. // They're such inconsequential beings. / The women are even worse.


Abdelwahhab Azzawi

I hear a crying behind my back/ No... / It’s me / Yes, it’s me who is crying / And dreaming of a hand / Waving to him / In the wall.

Zhou Huiwen

Zhou Huiwen

I have let you into my house. / It is not a privilege I extend to many...


Friday Pick: A Poetry Encyclopedia – Featuring Otis Redding

To put it simply, the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics is the most fascinating book on poetics published this year. And Otis Redding.

Carly Wilson

Carly Wilson

When I turned thirteen I began to worry very much about rubber souls and I thought / Sex was a prayer where one bent at the waist. / At eighteen I knew even less on the exact science of the thing, though / Could perfectly salt-to-taste any young dish.

Jessica Mensch

Jessica Mensch: Painting at the Intersection of Video Art and Performance Art

Jessica Mensch, B O D Y’s Art Editor, is known for her penetrating interviews with other artists. We decided to turn the tables and ask her about her own work this time. Tammer El-Sheikh caught up with Jessica to ask about her process, how she approaches art - and find out what THE FUZZ is all about.


Friday Pick: Jack Gilbert — An Appreciation

It was the winter of 2006. Snowy Amherst, Massachusetts. Where Emily Dickinson lived, wrote and died.

Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

I touch your chin and throat, the pit / There, and the hard bone of your chest. // The birds observe us from the wire / And pass their comments back and forth.

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