Daniel Lawless

Daniel Lawless

I ask humbly of whoever is in charge of such matters / That when you die you return to this earth circa 1012 / In the person of Tang Su / Who while dining at the court of the Emperor / Laid down his chopsticks pointing east rather than west / And so was dragged by his hair from the chambers...
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In Memoriam: Philip Levine

"... I got to the end, and I thought, the kid did it. It’s very witty.”

YES. Home. Fucking. Run.

“But,” Levine said, “it’s not a poem.”

Wait — what?
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Bloodshot Rainbow: The Spectra of John D. MacDonald

By 1962, the novelist John D. MacDonald relented to pressure from his editors and began preparations for the creation of a lasting serial character. The result would be the “salvage consultant” and reluctant rescuer of lost causes, Travis McGee.
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Oleg Woolf

So what, Ionesco, did you turn out to be different from everyone else? Or maybe you’re not Ionesco at all, even?
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Green: The History of a Color | Friday Pick

Green is hard to pin down. It is rich in often conflicting meanings. As a word, it is present in ubiquitous turns of phrase that tint our everyday language. As a color, we simultaneously associate it with nature, rebirth, purity, the environmental movement, sport, envy, sickness and, yes, even marijuana. It has not always been so.
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