Akhmatova photo

Re: Word: Anna Akhmatova

As for memories, they have three parts— / the first is only yesterday / when laughter is still heard, but our cheeks / are wet— this part doesn’t last long. / ....
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Nora Iuga photo

Re: Word: Nora Iuga

And suddenly I saw comrade Weed get up fast in the moonlight, and I heard a Jesus-fuckin’-Christ immediately muffled by the mat-lined earthen walls. That’s when I made out my friend’s greenish, frozen face, her eyelids lowered, her mouth gasping for air like a fish in an aquarium without water.
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Polina Barskova-1

Re: Word: Polina Barskova

I will try to live on earth without you. // I will become any object, / I don’t care what— / I will be this speeding train.
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David Connerley Nahm

She had nothing planned for the rest of her life beyond this. A warm breeze passed through everything, through her. She could feel the rotting bark scraping her bare calves.
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Edward Shenk

Don’t Fall Asleep: An Interview With Edward Shenk

"I don't think parody is necessarily disrespectful. Nor imitation a sign of respect. I don't like that binary--it’s too easy. " -- Edward Shenk
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